Marketing a Solo Practice – Popular Methods

Marketing yourself in a solo practice is a tough matter to deal with. This should be taken seriously since this determines what you would be in the future and how established your name is in the industry.

Marketing a solo practice is common mostly for the lawyers and even doctors. These are the jobs that need enough experience before they can be commonly hired and have a stable job. So how about the new ones? Well they still need to market themselves first.

Popular Methods of Marketing a Solo Practice

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Go Solo or Get a Job – Pros and Cons

The first big decision for new attorneys is to decide on which path to take. There are several paths that a law graduate can take. An attorney would decide on what field to take. He can be a civil rights attorney, a criminal defence attorney, a military lawyer, personal injury lawyer, a paralegal or any of the other different fields. This would serve as the ground where they would build their careers as attorneys.

Many fresh graduates of law are being told that in the status of today’s market, those who seek for jobs don’t have the right to be choosy. Yes, many attorneys in our day succeed because of their innate abilities and skills. Some say it is because they build partnerships or join firms, other say that they earned through their own efforts. And because of this, aspiring attorneys are torn as to what ideal step to take.

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Challenges a Solo Truck Accident Lawyer Might Face in Litigating Big Cases

You take one 6-lane highway with a 70 mph speed limit; hundreds of 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, and all kinds of cars which pass through it everyday; road construction and other obstructions; fatigued drivers with delivery deadlines; and unexpected incidents along the way.  What do you get?  An accident along Interstate 75 probably marked every 15 minutes and 10% of them happening in Florida.

On January 29, 2012, five cars and six tractor trailers collided one after another, killing  at least 10 people and leaving 18 others injured.  What caused it?  Today, more than a year later, they still have to find out what the cause is.  But what everybody knows is the agony that the victims and their families went through and are still suffering.

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Wrongful Death Cases – Seems Clients Prefer Solo Practitioners They Can Talk to

If an accident or injury occurs and a person dies because of the fault of another entity, any other immediate or distant family members and spouse or dependents may bring the case to the court and file a wrongful death claim. This wrongful death claim may consist of compensations for the lost wages of the deceased brought about by the accident, funeral expenses, and even lost companionship. To lighten up all the responsibility of filing claims, the surviving family can go to solo practitioners or solo lawyers to have their case settled for them, while they grieve and while they are taking care of their dead. But, why do clients with wrongful death cases prefer solo practitioners to take care of their case? Here are some of the reasons why.

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A Personal Injury Solo Practice – Building Clients

To be a personal injury lawyer in solo practice takes a lot of experience and knowledge to start off. And in this case, it is a must that you strive to succeed and prove yourself. Of course, you will not just simply take the risk without any play in mind. And so what do you have to do? Atlanta accident attorney

First, you have to build your clients, for they are the tokens that will set you in the game on the court. Your clients are individuals who experienced problems in their lives, such as physical injuries or properties that have been harmed. And the first thing that these people do is to call or hire a personal injury lawyer.

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Immigration Is Quite Complex – A Good Immigration Law firm Can Help

If you want to move abroad, you need to know that it is a complex process with a lot of documents, clearance procedures and legal procedures. The same thing goes for moving to the United states. In fact,  immigration law is considered to be one of the most complex areas of U.S law. This law is revised every once in awhile, whenever there is a alteration of worldwide and nationwide scenario. In order to avoid any hassle and have your immigration application going quickly through the bureaucracy, you need to hire a experienced Atlanta immigration lawyer.

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Can Lawyers Go Solo in Medical Malpractice Suits?

From womb to tomb – everybody goes through the hands of a medical practitioner – be it a duly-licensed physician, a nurse, dentist practicing dentistry, a therapist, a midwife, or a witch doctor. The doctor is bound to the Oath of Hippocrates while the rest have their own basic calling to bring health to their patients.  According to Medical Malpractice Attorney James S. Mccarthy, when any of them deviates from the accepted medical standard of care, he or she becomes guilty of medical negligence.  When the negligence causes injury to the patient, it becomes medical malpractice.

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Law Firm Videos Are on The Rise

More and more firms are adding web-based law firm videos to their arsenals of marketing tools. If you’re one of them, then you’ve already seen some of the benefits: increased website traffic, more interest from prospective clients, and increased brand recognition among both prospects and peers. If you haven’t begun incorporating law firm videos or have but aren’t experiencing the above results, then you might need to change your approach.

Why should my firm use online videos?

  1. Law firm videos demonstrate that the firm has entered the 21st century. When searching for a firm, potential clients want one that will be able to use every advantage in pursuit of justice: technology is one of those advantages. Firms without online videos might have the requisite technological expertise, but with them, that firm is sending a clear message that the firm is up-to-date.
  2. It will reach a large audience. More and more Americans are doing their shopping online—and it’s not just for Christmas presents. Looking for professional services online gives consumers the ability to find reviews of their performance, and get help about how to pick and choose between providers—all without having to leave the house or even pick up a phone. With law firm videos, you’ll have one more way of putting out important information about your firm—including why yours is the best firm in your respective field.
  3. It won’t cost much. Unless you’re committed to professionally producing your law firm videos, then you can get away with simple, blog-like videos that cost next to nothing. While the quality of the video may not look professional, that’s not nearly as important as making sure that your firm comes across as professional: something with which that the video quality has nothing to do.

How can I maximize the effectiveness of online videos?

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5 Lawyer Video Editing Tips

You’ve written your script, shot your video, and are almost ready to upload it to your firm’s website, but you’ve got one more step left: editing. Some of you out there may be tempted to forgo the editing process, but even if you got one great take where everything seemed to go smoothly, you should still take the time to edit your lawyer video. There may be audio problems or lighting problems, or you might just realize that there are portions of the video that you can get rid of that will make the video more concise. Here are some things to think about during the video editing process.

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Lawyer Video Marketing Basics

It’s not enough to simply put a video up on your firm’s website, pat yourself on the back and get back to the business of being a lawyer. The only way to truly maximize that video you spent so much time perfecting is by making it part of a concerted marketing effort. Here are some steps to using your video to generate new clients.

  1. Make sure your lawyer video mentions your firm’s name frequently and contains contact information. This sounds basic, but if it’s forgotten, it can render almost your video completely ineffective. It’s a staple of lawyer video marketing: whether it’s a testimonial, informational, or introductory video, it needs to refer to your firm by name several times, and have contact information in the last frame—even if the video is only hosted on your own website. Not sure why? Then read on . . .
  2. Try to get your video placed on other websites. The more places your lawyer video appears, the more exposure you and your firm will receive—and the more chances you’ll have to generate legitimate leads. This means, of course, that your video should be of interest to more than just yourselves and your current clients, so think about developing a number of informational videos for broader consumption.  You should also look into posting your videos on an online legal video directory, which allows potential clients to research a number of law firms in one place. In addition, don’t neglect legal marketing websites or blogs, which may be interested in showcasing particularly well-done videos. While few prospective clients visit such blogs and websites, you may attract the attention of other law firms, which can lead to referrals.
  3. Use your videos on social media websites. Social media websites are another platform on which you can raise awareness of your firm through marketing. Again, this will likely lead to few direct leads, but the extra exposure will create a more favorable environment for your firm. In addition, your lawyer videos will provide more content for your social media profile—and the more content you provide, the more valuable that profile becomes.
  4. 4.                  Think outside “online.” Yes, you need to aggressively promote your lawyer video online, but more prospective clients will come online to look for you and your videos if you ask them to through more traditional marketing platforms, such as print and radio advertisements. It can be as simple as referencing your website’s URL, or as complicated as detailing the contents of one of your online informational videos.
  5. 5.                  Put a tracking system in place so that you can see how effective your video is. Bytracking the number of views your video gets and how long the average viewer watches it, you’ll have a better idea of how well your video works at attracting and retaining attention. Obviously, the key metric you’ll look at is how much new business your video generates, but it’s difficult to determine that in isolation. The more information you have about how your video is used, the more you’ll know about what is successful—and less successful—about your video. And in the future, you’ll be able to tweak new videos according to what you’ve learned.

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Where Do You Host Your Lawyer Videos?

With the quantity of user-generated videos growing exponentially, a number of video hosting websites have sprung up over the last few years. Essentially, the hosting website puts the user’s video on its own website, sparing the user the expense and hassle of doing so himself. There are many other advantages to hosting videos on these websites, but the vast majority of them are next-to-useless for lawyer videos. For a lawyer to use a generic hosting website, it would look unprofessional and likely be confusing to the viewer, who would have to leave the lawyer’s website in order to view the video. Fortunately for lawyers, new hosting websites designed specifically for lawyers and people in need of legal help are  now available. Here are some advantages to hosting your lawyer videos on legal directories.

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Legal Marketing Tips

Most lawyers hate having to market themselves and their firm. Reasons range from “It’s hard,” to “It’s unprofessional,” to “I just don’t have the time,” but the bottom line is that some amount of legal marketing is necessary. Word of mouth is valuable, but it will only get you so far. Once you’ve accepted that truth, there’s another to consider: “Marketing” isn’t synonymous with “Sleaze.” There are tasteful, effective ways of marketing your firm that, if done right, don’t even come across as marketing. Here are a few of those methods.

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No Fault Insurance

No-fault systems in theUnited Statestypically offer a kind of bargain between insurers and consumers. For their part, consumers are asked to forgo pain-and-suffering claims, which compensate for the mental anguish or loss of the enjoyment of life’s pleasures they have endured as a result of an accident. Insurers, on their side, promise that claims for economic losses (usually lost wages and hospital bills) will be handled relatively quickly because issues of fault do not have to be considered. Finally, in a no-fault system the insurer compensates for all economic losses, not just the ones caused by someone else’s negligence.

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How to Search for A Lawyer Online

Searching for a lawyer online can be a frustrating endeavor. While a search for a book, movie or music album that you’re sure to love is a cinch, lawyers are a completely different animal. It’s difficult to find reliable reviews of lawyers online, there are a vast number of lawyers through which to wade, and after a while, all their websites start to seem the same. Fortunately, a growing number of lawyers are literally putting themselves out there so that people like you can judge how good a fit you and your case are with them and their firm: they’re doing this through attorney videos. Now, that phrase may call to mind the clumsy, direct appeals for clients that are so regrettably common in legal television commercials, but the online attorney videos are very different. These lawyers have decided to try and answer some common questions that they hear when they first meet with clients in order to both save time, and to help people like you find an attorney who meets your needs. In other words, most lawyer videos online are informational in nature, and will likely prove helpful to you. Here are some other ways attorney videos will help you in your lawyer search.

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Teen Wanted For Burglary Arrested After Police Chase, Shooting, Crash

Teen Wanted For Burglary Arrested After Police Chase, Shooting, Crash

Publisher: CBS Local

Date Published: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 04:53:28 -0800

Description: CHICAGO (CBS) – An 18-year-old man wanted for burglary was arrested early Friday, after he allegedly stole two vehicles, and led police on multiple chases, involving several crashes in the northern suburbs. … Maas has been charged with one count of

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Understanding Tracy Morgans Traumatic Brain Injury

Understanding Tracy Morgans Traumatic Brain Injury

Publisher: Daily Beast

Date Published: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 02:41:15 -0800

Description: Her father told reporters that Constand, who has returned to her native Canada, had been good friends with Cosby, which is why it took her a full year to work up the courage to report the incident to authorities. Although no criminal charges were filed

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Accident Lawsuit Funding Reports Firm Dedication on Funding Cases for Car …

Accident Lawsuit Funding Reports Firm Dedication on Funding Cases for Car ...

Publisher: SYS-CON Media (press release)

Date Published: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 01:56:15 -0800

Description: Motor Vehicle Accident cases which cause personal injury can be complex in nature at times and ALF is one of the only companies in the legal finance industry that provides a free quote approval contract and low rates, all within a 12-24 hour period of

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